Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Thank you to Janet for this.

We all have our own Christmas traditions but mine are

My kids must have new pj's for christmas & on chistmas day i'm the only one allowed in the kitchen to make dinner, kitchen is MY domain & if you don't want your fingers to end up in the stuffing leave me alone lol. To pop though replenishing my glass of wine is classed as VERY HELPFUL but to gve "advice" like "don't you think you should do this that way" or to randomly stir things is classed as BLOODY ANNOYING lol

Should I find my one & only "christmas dinner cooking" picture I will add it later but if not, count yourselves lucky you don't have to see me lol

Friday, 26 November 2010

Spotted these on a BOGOF in Tescos for £1.20, each net had 5 chocolate santas & 17 chcolate balls so ate the spares lol Each bag I've made has 4 of each colour (just white & red so far) & one chocolate santa.
8 bags of Snowballs for £1.20 can't be that bad.
Obligatory card bag & downloaded clipart again
Poem reads
Forget the holly
To deck the halls
Cos this year you're
Getting Snow Balls!

Gingerbread family
Decided to be a bit more polite about this one lol.
Gingerbread folk were £1.50 for a box of 30 in Tescos & can get 6 portions ber box. (other supermarkets are available)
A6 card bag again, downloaded free clipart and made up the poem myself.
Poem reads
Fancy something sweet & yum
And goes well in your tum
A whole family just for you
And one too for mum!

Reindeer Poo!
Downloaded free clipart image off t'internet and made up the poem myself.
Poo is chocolate covered raisins.
Poem reads
We've checked the lists
Looking for you.
You've been baughty so
Have some reindeer POO!
Chocolate raisins were from £land and can get 6 portions per bag, bag is A6 card bag which I have an abundance of, downloaded the clipart and made up the poem myself.
Not bad for £1.00 in total, less than 20p per serving!